when will i get married? | how will be my married life?

when will i get married? | how will be my married life?

when will i get married horoscope predictions ? | how will be my married life?

Marriage is also an important ceremony in life. When a boy or girl are in marriageable age, they need a suitable spouse. Getting a worthy bride or groom is the most difficult task in life. If life you you find good life partner then whole life is good and if life partner does not get good then whole life becomes hell. Currently live-in-relationship is being promoted in the society. The youth live together before marriage and form a mutual relationship. This thing has become common in metros. Only 40 percent of these cases reach the marriage, the rest are broken in the middle. Now when the marriage takes place somewhere else, the past does not leave them and thus a house becomes hell after marriage. when will i get married?. how will be my married life?.

when will i get married ? Horoscope predictions– This is the question of a young girl who reaches marriageable age, when will i get married. The horoscope is also seen for marriage. Looking at the sum of the planets, it is found that when the marriage will take place, it will be successful or not. The planets of the boy-girl’s horoscope are examined and thus told when the girl is to be married. Many times, marriage is done by taking easy measures, by making peace of planets and by taking remedies, you get the desired bride and groom. love problem solution Astro remedies, marriage with parents consent, hurdles in finding a live partner ,The marriage is coming to a halt, there is a problem, if the marriage is breaking again and again, please contact Bhrigu ji once and he will solve your problem. Will help you find the groom or bride you want. Marriage/love/Vashikaran

When will the Marriage take place?

When the children reach puberty, the parents start searching for a suitable bride and groom for them. If it is a matter of love relationship then every lover and girlfriend take many measures to get their love. In the case of love, there are many successes and sometimes failure is also faced. Everyone wants happiness, peace and child happiness after marriage. When will I get married ?, will I get married at some age?, how will my husband be?, how will I get married abroad?, when and how will I get a good wife?, how will my wife be?, will there be love married or Arrange marreage? etc. Will give on the basis of astrology. Will tell you which house of horoscope is seen for marriage, which planets are responsible for marriage.
To know about marriage, one has to know the planets and expressions The Bahawas. Only then will it be clear whether the marriage will take place or not. Whether life will be successful after marriage or not. Will you get happiness after marriage or not. After marriage, differences, mental problems, divorce and debate can also be faced.
These Bhawas are very important for marriage and household happiness. All Bhawas are very worthy, so it is important to consider these expressions.
These Bhawas are – 2-4-5-7-8-11-12th.
Second Bhawa – This Bhawa shows family, economic condition.
Fourth house – tells about the atmosphere, surroundings and happiness of the house.
Fifth house – love of children, love, husband and wife is also shown.
The seventh house is related to marriage, partnership, husband and wife.
The eighth house is related to genitals and lord power.
Eleventh house – Desires are related to the fulfillment of desires.
The 12th Bhawa– It signifies Married life or happiness and the first child.
All these expressions in Horoscope some way are directly related to marriage, household happiness, children, love and wish fulfillment. The position of these Bhawas in the horoscope, the position of the planets lord of these expressions and the inauspicious and auspicious sight falling on them can be known only by marriage, household, happiness, peace, despair etc. Rahu And Ketu Shanti
Along with the Bhawas, it is also important to think about the signifying and causative planets of marriage.

  1. Venus is the factor for all the events of auspicious marriage, household, happiness, wife, love, sexual fulfillment etc. This task has been given to Mars for a woman. Mars shows the work stimulation, Kama instinct of a woman.
  2. Moon and Mercury reveal the state of mind. If these planets are affected by bad planets or if mutual vision is bad then they create disturbance and tension in place of peace.
  3. Guru is the son factor, child factor and growth factor. Sun shows high status, fame and respect. Their exact condition is for domestic peace.
  4. If planets like Saturn, Rahu Ketu are bad then they affect the expressions and planets related to marriage. It would be a big mistake to wish for householder, happiness etc. due to the presence of these planets. Just as a qualified artist spreads melodious music in harmony with the tone and tone, similarly, marriage, domestic happiness, peace, mental troubles, anxiety etc. should also be checked by harmonizing the emotions and planets. The experiences that have been seen in his life from his yogas will also be considered.

Will marriage happen or not ?

To see if there will be a marriage or not, one should look at the seventh house, its lord planet, and its position, lunar and Venus. If these planets are in the 3-6-9-12 house and are considered inauspicious (1-3-5-6 zodiac) for marriage, as well as the 7-10-11 house or zodiac signs, these zodiac signs are Saturn or unlucky. If Venus is under the influence of marriage, there is little hope of marriage. Even if a ray of hope is seen and marriage takes place from somewhere, happiness is rarely received and the mind remains restless.

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will the Marriage take place sooner or late?

  1. Moon and Venus are in 2-4-8-12 and 9 zodiac signs. If these zodiac signs are also seventh fifth and the lunar Venus is not subject to ill effects in these zodiac signs, then marriage takes place soon.
  2. If Guru and Venus are in the 2-7-11 house, then marriage takes place at the right time.
  3. Marriage takes place if both Guru and Chandra or Venus and Moon or both are in the 1-5-10-11 house.
  4. Marriage takes place even if Venus is not under inauspicious effects in 2-7-11.
  5. If the lord planet of the seventh house is sitting in the eleventh house and Venus is also sitting in the second house, the marriage is sure to happen.
  6. If the Ascendant is in the seventh house, and if the Ascendant has an auspicious planet and marriage factor like Venus, then the marriage takes place soon.
  7. If the fifth house and its lord planet are somehow related to the lagna or seventh house, then love marriage takes place.
  8. If the lord of the seventh house or seventh house is related in any way to the lagna, the fifth and the eleventh house then love marriage takes place.
  9. If the owner of the seventh house or the seventh house is somehow related to the lagna, the fifth and the eleventh house then love marriage takes place. If this situation is adversely affected then there is a disturbance.

How can I solve Manglik Dosha before marriage? – If both man and woman are Manglik then Manglik Dosh ends. If Mangal Dosh is to be eliminated before marriage, then Kumbh marriage is done. In this, marriage is done with a tree or with a shaligram and after that the tree is flowed into the water. Thus Manglik Dosh ends.

How long does Mangal Dosha last? – Mangal Dosh remains in acute state for 28 years and after that its effect decreases. If a mangalik bride or bride is not found, then after marrying after 28 years, Mangal Dosh is reduced.

Does Mangal Dosha effect marriage? – A study of the lives of many kundalis and natives has shown that Manglik dosha affects after marriage. Many times Manglik defect does not affect. In this, the effect of the actions of the native and the fruits of past lives are also seen. Most of the horoscopes found that Manglik Dosha affects the marital life in one way or the other.

When should a Manglik marry? – If you know that you are Manglik and you cannot find any eligible groom for marriage, then you should wait for 28 years. After this you can marry a boy or girl as per the requirement. Mangal Dosh becomes weak after 28 years.

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