B H R I G U  S A M H I T A

When a child is born, some religous activities are performed. A bonafide Hindu Brahmin only can perform these ceremonies according to Vedic System. This is one of the Holiest Duty of parents to perform it. Brahmin (Pandit Ji) notes the Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth of new borm baby. Pandit Ji will examine the Panchang (Indian Calendar) and movement of Nakshtras and Planets. After that he wil also perform Pooja according to requirement.

We at Brigupandit also provide Namkaran Services. You have send us the details by just filling a simple form alongwith the payment of Rs. 501.00 and we will perform Pooja and do the other required ceremonies.

Before Pay Now

If  you do not have Credit Card please send the
Demand Draft of amount Rs. 501.00 (at address on bottom)
for this service to confirmed





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