Health / Illness

Health / Illness

Your horoscope is capable of revealing your Health Problems. The karmic cause is disclosed by bio-energy field around your body through aura scan, passive joint movement and bodymind analysis. For deep rooted issues, past life regression is required which can span from 4 to 8 sessions spread over a period of 2-3 months. Most of our problems are due to stress. On an average each one of us generates nearly 60,000 thoughts daily. Of this, 95% are mere repetition of previous thoughts. All of us are hostages of our past. Some people worry about financial problems, others about their failed relationships. Some brood over trifling matters like the comments of those around them. This is how the mind rules the body. We block the enormous potential of mind, which is capable of working magic. It is capable of delivering all that we can ask for, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually.

The Planets and their connections to body functions and parts

Sun: Heart, spine and general vitality

Moon: Stomach, digestive system, female organs, lymphatic system

Mercury: Brain, central nervous system, thyroid gland, five senses, hands

Venus: Throat, kidneys, thymus gland, sense of touch, ovaries

Mars: Muscles, head, adrenal glands, sense of smell and taste

Jupiter: Liver, thighs, feet, growth, pituitary gland

Saturn: Skin, hair, teeth, bones, the body’s defenses, spleen

Uranus: Parathyroid gland, neural activity, aura

Neptune: Pineal gland, psychic healing

Pluto: Pancreas, metabolism, elimination

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