Humans’ basic amenities are Food, Shelter and cloth. Usually each human has the desire to make his own House where they can live peacefully. But today, needs are increasing with the prices and most of the people are not able to fulfill their basic amenities also. All are not lucky enough to fulfil all their desires. Mainly the desire of owning a house, as it becomes very difficult today because property prices are sky high and most of the people can’t afford with their limited income. But if one is destined to own his home, then money does not matter as destiny itself arrange things to happen. From Astrology, one can know about his desires of owning Home will get fulfill or not if yes then when it is going to get fulfill.

4th house is related with mother, happiness,  house, property, foreign travel, vehicles etc. 4th house is one of the quadrants have ability to confer rajayoga. Alongwith 4th house Cancer sign and Moon also important for property related matters. For 4th house Venus is karak for vehicle and Mars is karak of property. So Mars, Saturn, 4th lord, and planets making connection with 4th are responsible for property related matters. 3rd house also have importance in this regard as it is 12th to 4th indicates loss of 4th. Benefics in 3rd and strong 4th lord in Kendra or kona or in 11th may give big bunglow to the native. 11th house is karak house for gain of property and fulfillment of desires. 12th house is related with the expenses incurred during the purchase of property. Mars is Bhumi Putra and Saturn also related with property matters /plot /construction. Native will have his own property or not depend upon the position of planets related with property, houses in the birth chart and related divisional charts. When strong Mars Saturn have connection with 4th in Horoscope native will have his own property. Malefic connection with 4th house then native might face problems in getting properties. 4th connection with 12th native make his own property other than parental. 8th connection with 11th n Jupiter native aquire parental property. 4thconnection with ascendant native may acquire more than one property.

If Mars and 4th are weak or under malefic influence or badly placed then the native might not have his own house. Connection of 4th lord with 12th might take native to foreign land or native have to live in a rented house depend on others planetary position. 4th lord in 12th to its own house n malefic influence on 4th may damage the property. If Mars and 4th strong native will have his own house but if connected to bad houses he might have unhappiness from house. 

With birth chart Related Divisional chart also need to confirm about property giving yogas. Planets connected to 4th house also decides about the kind of house native will have. Like Moon indicates new house, mercury tells house would be artistic, Jupiter gives strong n durable house while Rahu indicates old house. Horoscope also tells about multi storied house. So many property related matters can be studied in astrology from native horoscope.

When native will buy his own house depend on transit and dasha bhukti antara. Planets related with property when make connection with 4th house native will be able to buy his own property. Transit of retrograde planets may create confusion.

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