Match Making

M A T C H   M A K I N G

Cocompatibility between partners in a marriage is the most crucial criterion to making it successful. Carelessness in finding a suitable life partner will lead to severe consequences. The individual’s future is threatened and therefore it is ideal to receive appropriate guidance in this regard. Astrological predictions and suggestions can be sought for the betterment of marital life.

It is essential to know if the couple is basically compatible with each other, and if they share an understanding, mutual respect and love.

In Vedic Astrology there is a system to judge/predict the percentage of compatibility in marriage. It begins with the matching of the boys and girls horoscopes. It then predicts the degree of compatibility through the point system and gives a grading accordingly. The total points are 36 and if the horoscope of the boy and the girl matches up to 18 points, only then, a marriage is recommended. वर- कन्या मिलान में वर्णादि अष्टकूटों का महत्व क्या होता है?


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