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Want to travel foreign? In present time everyone has at least one dream to travel foreign land but questions come in mind will I also go if yes than why and which purpose/ reason to go foreign? There are many reasons like for pursuing business, Education, service, permanent settlement, tourism or pilgrimage journey, diplomatic, government assignment, marriage with foreigner, etc. Planetary combination in your horoscope can be found out through analysis of your personnel horoscope only. Your horoscope is able to find out that you can go there or not if yes than which purpose you will go your chart can give indication.

Houses for Foreign travel or settlement

As the classical text and commentary mention a few scattered planetary combinations in this respect, the area need to be looked into to meet the new dimensions. According to Astrology, planetary combinations for travel abroad is studied from 3th,4rth,7th,8th, 9th or 12th houses of the horoscope.12th house signifies foreign house. 3rd house is short travelling house and 12th from 4rth house. 4rth being the house of home in birth place.7th house is house of journey, and foreign settlement. 8th the house of change, 9th is the house of long journey and fate, 10th house of career or profession, 12th house is foreign land house.

Promise and timing of travelling abroad

If the signifies house are connected to each other like 4rth lord (home) and 12th lord (foreign house) with 10th lord (career, profession) it means the native will travel abroad for carrier and permanent settlement there. If 5th, 9th and 12th house are connected each other than native will go abroad for education or lecture. When the main period or sub period of planets owning or occupying these houses or there is connection of Dashas Lord with above said signifying house there may become foreign tours. Even the transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rah from these houses facilitates foreign tours. Double go-char of Saturn and Jupiter on foreign house will give auspicious result.

Third, ninth and 12th houses are tested for short, long or foreign trips. The position of the planets lord of these Bhawa is checked. Ketu, Venus, Moon, the causative planets of travel, are also considered.
1. If the lord of Ascendant is in the 12th house, he has to live abroad or build a house abroad.
2. If the lord planet of the lagna, the lord planet of the ninth house and the lord planet of the third house is in the outer house, then one has to live abroad.
3 Lord of Ascendant, lord of 3rd house, lord of ninth and 12th, even if lord of 12th, 2nd, 3rd or 9th house there are many trips and trips abroad.
4. When Saturn, Ketu, Rahu are in the fourth and eighth house then there are foreign trips. By checking Swami planets in the third house, information about yatras is also obtained.
If the lower planets are situated in the third house or the planet is the lord of the house, then –
If the Sun is situated in the third house, there should be few trips in life, if it is related to government work and profit. Fear of loss from pride and arrogance.
Moon – fond of traveling, have many trips and profitable overseas trips. During the yatra, people get mixed, support and benefits.
Mangal- Yatra may cause loss, fear of injury, injury, accident, etc. Plan first and then leave the journey.
Guru- travel more, travel abroad, officials in travel, reconciliation with people in high positions.
If Mercury is in the third house of the native, he has to travel. He also finds work in which he keeps roaming around the country and abroad.
Venus – more travel will be done by road, there will be benefit from travel. During the yatras, you will perform songs and music programs. You will get respect.
Shani – There will be a possibility of travel, obstacles in the journey, losses and losses. There will be hurdles and delays in the journey, the work of traveling abroad will stop, and the efforts will be made only by repeated attempts.
Rahu- more  trouble, fear of loss in travel, fear of traveling to hospital and jail if 1-5-7-8-11.
Ketu: The journey will be very, will be traveling abroad. There will be movement in the legs. You will also get work in which you will have to walk.

Rahu and Ketu are not lord planets of any zodiac. They give fruits according to the amount in which they are present. Rahu takes the causative element of the planet with which it reaches the summit. As with Venus, it greatly increases the causative element of Venus, the Venus indicative events. Venus, love, wife, householder is the happiness factor. By being with Rahu, it will increase so much that the person will become luxuriant. Will build relationships with women other than his wife. Will spend money on luxury. Ketu is the main factor in vertigo. विदेश यात्रा कब होगी, कैसी रहेगी?

If Ketu is with Venus, Chandra, Guru or the lord planets of the third, ninth and outer houses then the person travels, does not stay in one place for long. Short journeys, work related trips, foreign travel, job transfer etc. Ketu should also be considered and the results related to travel.
If the planets traveling with Ketu or Ketu alone are in these expressions, then the result of the journey should be as follows-
Common planets of Lagna are Mars, Sun is high and Saturn is low. Ketu masks the Sun. Ketu does not travel in the lagna, even if it travels, it is harmful. Went abroad then comes back soon.
Ketu in the second house – Yatra, travel abroad, progress from travel.
Ketu in third house – will travel abroad, will stay away from family, will stay in foreign countries.
Ketu in the fourth house – Travels will be less, there will be longing to stay at home, there will be distance from mother in life.
Ketu in the Fifth House – There will be yatras but only in your city, village and country.
Ketu in the sixth house – a lot of effort will have to be made for traveling abroad, there will be many obstacles in the work.
Ketu in seventh house – The person keeps on traveling throughout his life.
Ketu in the eighth house – In the condition of illness, the rounds of the hospital continue. Trips take place against the will.
Ketu is in the 9th house – traveling abroad, traveling is beneficial. There are trips to religious places.
Ketu in tenth house – There is loss in travel. Trips are rare. Transfers quickly and continue to rotate in jobs.
Ketu in the eleventh house – When the wishes are fulfilled, there are obstacles. The journey stops once the itinerary is formed.
Ketu is in the 12th house – traveling abroad, stay in foreign countries and progress.

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