Maha Mritunjaya


Mahamrityunjaya mantra is one of the maha mantras from Vedas, one of the most ancient scripture of humans. This mantra is greatest weapon for humans to ward off the evil impacts which can become threats to one’s life and health. In vedic horoscope, there are some yogas named “aristha” and “anishtha” which are very harmful for the health of the native as well as these yogas are even life threatening. If balancing impacts are not found in a horoscope, then these yoga could lead to make native short-lived and could cause death. Mahamrityunjaya is the most effective mantra to cure such yogas in the horoscope.


Apart from health and longevity of life, Mahamrityunjaya is the effective remedy against the most dreaded yogas like Kaal sarp yoga, yogas formed by rahu placed in 8th  house of vedic horoscope, sarp dosh and pitra dosh.


On the spiritual side, This mantra also frees the chanter from the bondages caused by ill placement of the planets. This frees the chanter from the death and rebirth cycle and provide “moksha”.


Maha mrityunjaya should be recited preferably for forty days both in the morning and evening, after lighting a jyoti while facing east. It should be chanted for 108 times or its multiples in each sitting. Before starting the Maha mrityunjaya mantra, the following prayer to the everlasting spirit of the Maharishi vashishtha should be chanted

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