Home and family are very important features of our lives. Astrology teaches that the stars and planets are a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world. An analysis of your horoscope can indicate the areas in which you are most likely to achieve a satisfying home and family life, including your capacity for marriage and children.

The Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant or rising sign, along with the ruling planet, are good guides to character and family life, especially with regard to planets and signs governing the fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth houses. 

The third house, in addition, rules relations with siblings, while the eleventh house rules the relationships with other people’s children andthe ninth house rules in-laws. 

The fourth house (IC) describes your residence, domestic environment, and family members, especially your father (although it can also strongly indicate the nature of your mother). It indicates the beginning as well as the end of various cycles in your life. 

The fifth house describes the potential for children and relationships with them. It also points up your creative talent and imaginative powers, capacity for enjoyment and the pursuit of pleasure, romance, and speculative ventures. 

The seventh house relates to marriage and partnership, or joint ventures of any kind. It describes how you interact with people and how others tend to regard you. The seventh house is associated with legal matters, negotiations, contracts, open enemies and all open confrontations, pleasant as well as adversarial. 

The tenth house, or Mid-Heaven (MC), describes your career and other long-range goals, public reputation, superiors and those in authority. It also relates to your mother and her influence in your life (though it can also reflect the influence of your father). The MC stands for Medium Coeli, which is latin for mid-heaven. The mid-heaven degree is that where the sun reaches its highest point during the day. This degree is usually counted as the cusp of the tenth house. 
sun reaches its highest point.
So in addition to telling us all about ourselves, astrology also gives us insight into our relationships, our home life, our family and every facet of our lives. To get a full analysis of your own personal horoscope,

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