Muhurat/Electional astrology or an auspicious time period According to the Hindu Vedic astrology if we start our important work/assignment in an auspicious time (shubh Muhurat) the chances of success in that assignment can be optimized. A Muhurat is a unit of time comprises of 48 minutes. We know that there are 1440 minutes in a day. Therefore there is 30 Muhurats of 48 minutes each in day. Muhurat (Auspicious time) are widely applicable to many different areas including marriage, relationship, journey, investment, purchase of property and other valuable, and many more things. It is a natural phenomenon that every body desires fruitful results for the work conducted by him/her. Astrology/Muhurat helps in choosing that auspicious time to perform the work.

Basic Muhurat Principles:

  • Pushya nakshatra is favorable for all auspicious activities, except marriage.
  • For activities relating to important ceremonies, taking firsl lesson of music Moon should be occupy in Mrgasira, Chitra, Anuradha or Revati.
  • For activities with long-term implications (start of building house, planting trees, accepting new position):- Moon should be occupy in fixed nakshatra – Rohini, Uttarashadha or Uttarabhadrapada.
  • For undertaking travels Moon should be occupy in nakshatra – Aswini, Pushya, or Hasta.
  • For buying new vehicle:- Moon should be occupy in the moveable nakshatra – Punarvasu, Svati, Shravana, Dhanishta or Satabisha.

What is the significance of Muhurat ?

Muhurat is nothing but the fixing of a particular time for an event to be performed in the future. We understand that making a judgement about the future has to be based either on forecasting techniques or on astrology. During performance of any important function whether it is a naming ceremony, thread ceremony,marriage, etc., an essential part is to ask a panditji to work out the auspicious moment or ‘muhurat’ when the ceremony should be performed.Astrology is a gift of its close sister discipline astronomy.

There could be no astrology without astronomy, as astrology predicts the turn of events in the future with the real or imaginary changes in planetary and star positions. We know that the firmament i.e. the observable universe, has a mechanics of its own. The earth and sun being part of the firmament go about their own movement as per the mechanics. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes day and night and its revolution round the sun causes weather changes. This co-relation between a change in star patterns and a change in weather which repeated itself year after year, germinated ideas that star patterns decide weather changes.

This interpretation gave birth to ideas that appearance of a particular star spelt prosperity while that of another spelt doom. In India the appearance of a comet was looked upon as portending doom. Following this, it was not a difficult step to believe that changes in an individuals fortune are also decided by changes in star patterns. Thus the development of astronomy lead to astrology and to beliefs in the auspicious or inauspicious. Henceforth the practice of consulting learned pandits for derivation of auspicious dates or time in the future could evolve naturally. 

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What is the importance of Mahurat?  शुभ मुहूर्त क्यों जरूरी हैं, इनका क्या लाभ है?
 Mahurat- The world is a time of every dwindling event as the sun rises in time, the earth is rotating around the sun in a fixed circumference and the moon is revolving around the earth. Thus all the work in the whole creation based on the rules of time is tied to the law of time.

When the farmer sows the seeds in his fields, he sows at the exact time when his season and date are. If it is to be planted in the field on the date of that month, even a little bit back and forth, then the crop may be spoiled. He puts the date in front of the tradition and puts the seeds in the fields. As soon as the sunrise, the creatures come out of the nest and then the nocturnal creatures become active when it is set. The flower of the sunflower plant remains towards the sun, the process of making food starts in the plants. Everything is tied to time.

The child stays 9 months in the mother’s stomach, if it comes first, then the problem comes later. Similarly, human also wants his life to be happily when he takes any important decision, then he sees what time is right for him, it is auspicious. When you decide the time of any work and work on it with advice from astrologer, it is called auspicious time. If you keep a date according to your convenience, it is also a kind of Mahurat but it is according to your convenience. Subh Mahrat has very much impprtance in our life.
 Shubh Vivah Muhurta 2020: 16 rites (ceremonies) are very important in Hinduism. Among these sixteen Samskaras, one of the holy rites is marriage. All these rites begin only after the child is in the womb. Funeral rites are done after man is dead, it is called Antim Sanskara.
Subh Mahurat 2020- We will tell you in detail about the auspicious dates of marriage in 2020. All these Mahurat have been prepared with the help of local Panchag. Some important points are described in Hindu theology. These points explain the main facts of life in detail as well as provide astrological, religious and scientific meaning.

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शुद्ध तथा शुभ विवाह मुहूर्त्त mahurat 2020-

The date, day, constellation and duration of the Mahurat for the Hindu Vivah Mahurat in the year 2020 are given in the list of Vivah Mahurat 2020 given below. You can get more information about Marriage Mahurat 2020. Such as why the Vivah Mahurat 2020 is important, and what are the major rituals performed during the marriage ceremony.
Description of sign words – Aries to 1, Gemini to 3, Cancer to 4, Leo to 5, Virgo to 6, Libra to 7, Scorpio to 8, Sagittarius to 9, Capricorn to 10, Aquarius to 11 and 12 Let the number of points be taken.
Day Lagna – Time of day, Ra. L.- Night’s lagna
Chandra Daan- That is, in this marriage lagna you can get married by donating and worshiping the items related to the moon. In this way, Mercury donation and Mars donation etc. should also be taken.
Ascendant-lagna is weak, so marriage can be done in this lagna only if it is very necessary.
Padveedha – that is, the marriage of the auspicious planet on the constellation at the time of marriage.
Note- English date given in marriage Muhurta is sunrise where English date will be considered in advance where Muhurtaqala (lagna) is after 12 pm and before sunrise.

—————————-List of vivah muhurat 2020————————————-
Date—          Day — Desi Month-Date-Constellation————–Time
15 January  Wed     Magh Kr. Panchami U.Palgun    07: 15-21: 12 | 23: 36-25: 42
16 Jan. Guru Magh Kr. Shasthi Hand Figure        25: 19-26: 30 26: 30-31: 15
17 Jan. Venus Magh Kr. Saptami Chitra Swati      07: 15-25: 12 25: 12-31: 12
18 Jan. Saturn Magh Kr. Navami Swati                  07: 15-12: 25 | 18: 28-24: 15
19 Jan. Ravi Magh Kr. Dashami Anuradha             26: 51-31: 15
20 Jan. Mon Magh Kr. Ekadashi Anuradha            07: 15-23: 16
26 Jan. Ravi Magh Shu. Second lady 26:                   24-30: 48
29 Jan. Wed Magh Shoe. Chaturthi U. Bhadrapada 12: 13-31: 11
30 Jan. Guru Magh Shu. Panchami U. Bhadrapada Revathi 07: 11-15: 12 15: 12-31: 10
31 Jan. Fri Magh Shu. Shashthi Revathi Ashwini 07: 10–17: 22 18: 58–31: 10
1 February Sat Sat Magh Sh. Saptami Ashwini               07: 10-18: 11
3 Feb. Mon Magh Shu. Navami Rohini
4 Feb. Tue Magh Shu. Dashmi Rohini                               07: 08-25: 49
9 Feb. Ravi Magha Purnima Magha                                  20: 31-31: 04
10 Feb. Mon Falgun Kr. Pratipada Magha               070: 4-11: 31 | 13: 55-17: 06
11 Feb.Mangal Phalgun Kr. Tritiya U.Palgun          14: 23-15: 35
14 Feb. Fri Phalgun Kr. Best Sathi                             13: 03-14: 48
15 Feb. Shani Falgun Kr. Saptami Anuradha           29: 09-30: 59
16 Feb. Ravi Phalgun Kr. Ashtami Anuradha         06: 59-11: 48 | 15: 24-28: 53
25 Feb. Mangal Phalgun Sh. Dwitiya N. Bhadrapada 19: 10-30: 50
26 Feb.Wed Falgun Sh. Tritiya U. Bhadrapada Revathi 06: 50-22: 08 22: 08-30: 49
27 Feb. Guru Falgun Sh. Chaturthi Revathi                     06: 49-17: 29
28 Feb. Fri Falgun Sh. Panchami Ashwini       06: 48-15: 24 | 20: 22-28: 03
10 March Mangal Chaitra Contemporary hand    22: 01-30: 35
11 March Wed Chaitra Kr. Second hand                 06: 35-19: 00
15 April Wed Vaishakh By 9:08 in the morning, day lagna 2 (after 9:08) 5 (lunar donation), 6 (mercury donation), guru yuti parihara
16 April Guru Vaishakh Kr. Navami Dhanishtha 23: 06-29: 54 Rahu Lagna 8, 11 (Chandra Dan), 12 (Mercury-Venus-Rahu Dan)
17 April Fri Vaishakh Krish. Dashami U. Bhadrapada 05: 54-07: 05 | 20: 04-25: 36
25 April Sat Vaishakh Sh. Dwitiya Rohini 20: 57-29: 45
26 April Ravi Vaishakh Sh. Tritiya Rohini 05: 45-22: 56
1 May Fri Vaishakh Sh. Ashtami Magha 25: 53-29: 40
2 May Sat Vaishakh Sh. Navami Magha 05: 40-09: 03 | 14: 05-23: 40
4 May Mon Vaishakh Sh. Ekadashi U. Falguni Hastam 08: 57-19: 19 19: 19-28: 44
5 May Tue Vaishakh Sh. Trayodashi Hastam 05: 56-16: 39
6 May Wed Vaishakh Sh. Chaturdashi Chitra Figure 05: 36-13: 51 1: 351-19: 45
15 May Venus Jyeshtha Kr. Ashtami Dhanishtha 05: 30-08: 29
17 May Ravi Jyesht Kr. Dashami U. Bhadrapada 13: 58–27: 32
18 May Mon Jyesht Kr. Ekadashi U. Bhadrapada Revathi 05: 19-16: 58 16: 58-28: 29
19 May Mangal Jyeshtha Kr. Dwadashi Revathi 05: 28-17: 32
23 May Saturn Jyeshtha Sh. Pratipada Rohini 24: 17-28: 51
11 June Guru Ashadh Kr. Shashthi Dhanishtha 11: 28-16: 35
15 June Mon Ashadh Kr. Dashami Revathi 05: 23-16: 31
17 June Wed Ashadh Kr. Ekadashi Ashwini 05: 23-06: 04
27 June Sat Ashad Sh. Saptami U.Palguni 23: 07-26: 54
29 June Mon Ashad Sh. Navami Figure 07: 14-29: 22
30 June Mangal Ashad Sh. Dashami Figure 05: 27-05: 39
27 November Fri Karthik Shu. Dwadashi Ashwini 08: 28-24: 22
29 Nov. Ravi Karthik Shu. Chaturdashi Rohini
30 Nov.Mon Karthik Poornima Rohini 06: 56-30: 57
1 December Tue Pratipada Rohini 06: 57-08: 30
7 Dec. Mon Margashirsha Kr. Saptami Magha 07: 40-14: 32
9 Dec. Wed Margashirsha Kr. Navami Hand 12: 32-26: 08
10 Dec. Guru Margashirsha Kr. Dashami Figure 12: 52-31: 04
11 December 2020 Venus Margashirsha Kr. Ekadashi Figure 07: 04-08: 48

Vivah Muhurat 2020: Auspicious days, Var, Muhurat and Nakshatra in Panchang
The most auspicious time for marriage in the year 2020 will be considered when the sun will transit in Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Apart from this, when the Sun transits in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac, then during that time marriage will not be considered auspicious.

The auspicious constellations for marriage in the year 2020 are Rohini, Mrigashira, Magha, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Bhadrapada and Revathi Nakshatra. Along with this, there are auspicious occasions of marriage in the year 2020 – Mon, Wed, Thursday and Friday.

shubh dates- The auspicious dates for marriage in the year 2020 are – Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi and Triodashi.

todays mahurat- to know todays mahurat you can check the time from the table mentioned above. In this, check about the day you want to know for todays mahurat. You will get information on that date.

You can also take help from Panchag to know shubh time for shubh time-marriage etc. and the dates we have mentioned in the table are also explained in detail about shubh time.

shubh mahurat 2018, shubh mahhurat 2019- If you want to get information about shubh mahurat 2018, shubh mahurat 2019, then you can see the Panchag of 2019 and 2018. These dates have passed so there is no justification to tell about shubh mahurat 2018 here, if you still want information about it, you can ask us.

It is considered mandatory to calculate the auspicious time for marriage ceremony. If marriage and auspicious time is not done in the year 2020, then marital couples may have to face many inauspicious results.

subh mahurat for purchaing new Vehicle 2020, Auspicious time to buy new vehicle 2020

Every human wants to have a beautiful home, little land and a vehicle. Earlier cities were not so wide, but today with the increase in population, the need for private vehicles is coming to the fore. Almost everyone has a vehicle abroad. Nothing is possible without a vehicle there. Vehicles have become an important link in India. Auspicious time to buy a vehicle We will give you information for 2020 which dates and times are auspicious for buying vehicles and you can buy vehicles during this auspicious time. subh mahurat for purchaing new Vehicle 2020, Auspicious time to buy new vehicle 2020
The auspicious dates for buying a vehicle are as follows-
 25 March 2020 Revathi Nakshatra
26 March 2020 Re-A.
3 April 2020 Pushya Nakshatra
5 April 2020
6 April 12-16 pm 
8 April After 11-21
17 April to 12-18
18 April
19 April
27 April After 14-30
30 April After14-40
2 May After 11–36
3 May before12-08
4 May 2020
18 May 2020
24 May 2020
27 May 2020
15 June 2020
26 June 2020
2 July 2020
8 July
10 July
23 July
25 July
26 July
29 July
3 August
5 August
6 August
8 August
21 August
23 August
24 August After 09-12
29 August 2020 till 13-03
31 August till 8-49
19 October
21 October
22 October
25 October
28 October After 9-11
29 October 2020 till 12-00 pm
31 October
6 November
12 November
19 November
20 November After 9-22
25 November to 15-57
27 November After 8-29
7 December 2020 after 7-40 pm
After this, you can buy a new vehicle on 10 December 2020.
Note- This information is given on the basis of local panchag, the dates and times may change according to the location. For this, you can consult your Pandit ji or match with local Panchag.

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