In Jyotish-Shastra, the characteristic effects of different planets on different body parts such as from the spinal cord to the muscles, from bones to skin, from hair to nails etc. are explained.

The four basic sciences in Indian culture viz. Yog, Ayurveda,  Jyotish and Vastu-Shastra explain and relate all the facts and phenomena related to the human mind, body and intelligence. When Yog, Jyotish and Ayurveda are combined, the resultant science is known as Dashanga-Ayurveda. It is said that only by combining with Yog and Jyotish, does Ayurveda achieve completeness. Similarly, only when it is adorned by the jewels of Ayurveda, Yog and Jyotish Shastra, does the crown of Vastu-Shastra become complete.

 Light, sound, waves and vibrations are the four characters that control the human mind intellect and body. Also, these four characters define the genuineness of a precious stone. The relationship of these precious and semi-precious stones with the numerous planets and the constellations is described in the beautiful science of Jyotish-Shastra. In Vastu-Shastra as well, the various directions have been appointed their respective planets, depending on their characteristics. Hence the need to use the semi-precious and precious stones in Vastu-Shastra.

Thus,  after a great deal of study, the wonderful ceremony of “Ratnadhyaya” came into being. It was observed that in premises where no changes could be made, this ceremony could bring about magical results. The study reveals that the correct amounts of metals, the right precious stones and the perfect chanting of a mantra gives that particular direction the desired light, sound, waves and vibrations. Thus over all, the premises are blessed by cosmic harmony. This results in a balanced energy environment. Healing techniques like Reiki and Pranik Healing also use the theory of vibration, which states that all the objects in the environment are vibrating with a characte- ristic frequency, which, when disturbed, causes it to break down or malfunction.

According to Vastu Guru The basic applications of this theory are noticed in this ceremony of bhrigu  Vastu-Shastra. Just as the importance of crystals is explained in practising Reiki, similarly, crystals, metals, semiprecious stones, symbols and chanting play a very important role in this ceremony of Ratnadhyaya. The appointment of the various planets as per the directions is as stated below :


Thus, by establishing these semiprecious stones in the respective directions and activating them with the proper chanting, the vastu or the premises get the required light rays through the stones, the required sound waves through the chanting, the required waves and vibrations from the symbols, chanting and metals. This completely purifies and enhances the energies in that particular structure.

This entire process is termed as Digbandhan. By this process, all the nine directions receive the adequate and correct waves and vibrations of all the nine planets. This can also be achieved by using metals instead of the semiprecious stones. Metals have their own frequency of vibration and if matched with each direction, a beautiful resonance can be achieved, which is the result of a tremendous amount of positive energy.

The order, day and time to bury each and every metal to the respective direction is also different and well defined as per astrology.  As North is considered to be a source direction and its characteristics match to those of moon or Guru zinc must be buried along with a moti to North. Similarly as South is the sink direction and its characteristics match to those of Shani, one must bury Lead i.e. the defined metal of Shani to South. East also being one of the source directions we have to bury copper which is a good conductor as well in the East direction. Similarly we bury bronze to the west direction. The central portion commonly known as the “Brahma-Sthan” we bury gold in the central zone. ज्योतिष, वास्तु शास्त्र व अंक शास्त्र एक विज्ञान

Thus,  in this way we can completely attain a changeover of energies in an already constructed building or a plot. The persistent and prevalent negative energies can be completely eliminated and the Vastu or the premises is filled with positive energies. This results in a completely problem free and tension free environment. Thus problems related to finances or health can also be completely eliminated by this process in an already existing flat, plot or a bungalow. This process is effective for all kinds of constructions or empty plots as well.

The chanting of mantra is the most important part in this entire process. Without the chanting, the yantra does not become siddha or functional.

vastu for home entrance- The main gate of any house tells how people live in the house. The main entrance to the house is the first impression. The main gate is beautiful, there are plants in pots outside it, so it is a very good sign according to Vastu. easy vastu tips we are telling you.
vasthu info, free vastu tips for home
1. The other gates should be smaller than the main gate.
2. At the main entrance of the house, the auspicious signs of Swastika, Ganapati, Toran and Manglik vows, courtyard ornament, Mandwe, Rangoli are always auspicious signs.
Due to 3 auspicious signs, there is positive energy, evil spirits, evil spirits, buri nazar (evil Eye) cannot enter the house.
4. Ganpati, Kubera, and pictures of Lakshmi ji remain auspicious at the entrance.

vastu shastra for bedroom- The room in which the homeowner sleeps in the house is called bedroom. It is better if the bedroom is in the south-west corner. Earlier the bedroom used to be one where all the members of the house could sleep but now the time has changed. Every good house has three or four bedrooms.
1. Put a bed in the bedroom of the house in such a way that your head is towards south or west. When you wake up in the morning, you have sunrise or north direction. Both these directions are auspicious.
2. Keeping a bathroom in the northeast direction does not lead to economic development for the homeowner.
3. If your worship hall is installed in your bedroom, then install it in the northeast. Make sure that your feet are not towards the worship room. In such a situation, you should head towards the east and sleep.
4. One should not establish regular name worship in the bedroom.
5. In the bedroom, Dev can keep an Murti, Pratima or picture for darshan and in the North-east, you can put night lamps, neon lamps etc.
If there is a wardrobe or safe in the 6 bedroom, then its door should not open towards the south. If this is the case, do not keep money, jewelery, necessary documents in it. There will be no doubt or danger of theft.
7. If the chest or box is fitted in the cupboard or in wall, then buy another cupboard and keep valuables in it, but make sure that its door does not open in the south direction. In contrast, you can keep the chest in the south direction whose door will open towards the north. Such a safe, cupboard will be safe.

vastu for kitchen- The kitchen of the house should always be in Agnog (South-East). While preparing food in the kitchen, if the mouth of the house owner is facing east then there will be no disease in that house. All the members of the family will have good health.
1. If possible, open the window in the eastern and southern wall in the kitchen.
2. Do not keep your bathroom and kitchen face to face.
3. Do not keep bathroom and dining room face to face, nor should there be any window in front of you.
4. Keep food items like wheat, rice etc. in the North West at home.
5. Keep gas, stove, electrical items, gas tank heaters and other items in the house in the fire.
6. Do not place garbage in northeast

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