Muhurat/Electional astrology or an auspicious time period According to the Hindu Vedic astrology if we start our important work/assignment in an auspicious time (shubh Muhurat) the chances of success in that assignment can be optimized. A Muhurat is a unit of time comprises of 48 minutes. We know that there are 1440 minutes in a day. Therefore there is 30 Muhurats of 48 minutes each in day. Muhurat (Auspicious time) are widely applicable to many different areas including marriage, relationship, journey, investment, purchase of property and other valuable, and many more things. It is a natural phenomenon that every body desires fruitful results for the work conducted by him/her. Astrology/Muhurat helps in choosing that auspicious time to perform the work.

Basic Muhurat Principles:

  • Pushya nakshatra is favorable for all auspicious activities, except marriage.
  • For activities relating to important ceremonies, taking firsl lesson of music Moon should be occupy in Mrgasira, Chitra, Anuradha or Revati.
  • For activities with long-term implications (start of building house, planting trees, accepting new position):- Moon should be occupy in fixed nakshatra – Rohini, Uttarashadha or Uttarabhadrapada.
  • For undertaking travels Moon should be occupy in nakshatra – Aswini, Pushya, or Hasta.
  • For buying new vehicle:- Moon should be occupy in the moveable nakshatra – Punarvasu, Svati, Shravana, Dhanishta or Satabisha.

What is the significance of Muhurat ?

Muhurat is nothing but the fixing of a particular time for an event to be performed in the future. We understand that making a judgement about the future has to be based either on forecasting techniques or on astrology. During performance of any important function whether it is a naming ceremony, thread ceremony,marriage, etc., an essential part is to ask a panditji to work out the auspicious moment or ‘muhurat’ when the ceremony should be performed.Astrology is a gift of its close sister discipline astronomy. There could be no astrology without astronomy, as astrology predicts the turn of events in the future with the real or imaginary changes in planetary and star positions. We know that the firmament i.e. the observable universe, has a mechanics of its own. The earth and sun being part of the firmament go about their own movement as per the mechanics. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes day and night and its revolution round the sun causes weather changes. This co-relation between a change in star patterns and a change in weather which repeated itself year after year, germinated ideas that star patterns decide weather changes. This interpretation gave birth to ideas that appearance of a particular star spelt prosperity while that of another spelt doom. In India the appearance of a comet was looked upon as portending doom. Following this, it was not a difficult step to believe that changes in an individuals fortune are also decided
by changes in star patterns. Thus the development of astronomy lead to astrology and to beliefs in the auspicious or inauspicious. Henceforth the practice of consulting learned pandits for derivation of auspicious dates or time in the future could evolve naturally.

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